About Us

Soleiluv is a soulful lifestyle where every day feels like a vacation in the sun. Whether you walk, bike, run or hike, If being outside is where you’d rather be, then you need a little Soleiluv.  

Soleiluv is the result of a fashion designer and a skin cancer specialist meeting and saying, “We need a better way …..“   A better way to enjoying outdoor living without the worry of sunburn and skin cancer.

The incidence of melanoma has risen dramatically in the U.S. since the 1970’s. In Australia, (which has the highest rate of melanoma cases), on average, four people die every day of skin cancer, melanoma.

Wearing sunscreens is not the solution to UV skin damage.  In fact, it’s not a great choice at all.  Most sunscreens rely on Oxybenzone, a chemical known to be destroying coral reefs around the world, with an estimated 14,000 tons entering the oceans yearly.

There are other companies noticing this need and offering a variety of clothing options of their own, but most are focused on special sport related activities.  The fact is that 70% of your sun exposure comes from incidental activities – driving in your car, walking with the dog, eating lunch outside.

We want to make stylish, affordable clothing with UV awareness.  We started by selecting styles that you would want to wear just because they look great, are comfortable, are affordable, and then improving them with either UV protective fabrics or with wraps or cover ups that are UV protective.

Just keep in mind that anywhere the sun is touching your skin, you are receiving UV rays that damage your skin permanently.  So if you choose one of our "strappy" fun tops, make sure to get one of the long sleeve wraps to cover your skin when you go out into the sun.  It’s that easy to be stylish and sun safe.  

You will still need a sunscreen for your face, hands and feet so choose one that has a zinc oxide base of protection and use it as directed.